Dallas Indian Revival Center




Welcome to Dallas Indian Revival Center.

Mission Statement:

(Based from 2 Corinthians 10:3-5) Jesus has called the church to do Spiritual warfare. The church is divinely powerful to destroy the fortified thoughts that Satan has placed in the minds of his captives. Satan fortifies the minds of women, children, and men with thoughts that they can never be free of sin, sickness, and poverty. The Spirit of God teaches us that we can be healed, set free from sin, and prosper in this life. This only comes through the obedience unto Christ. We invite all to come and hear the Word of God, feel His presence and be set free from whatever Satan has you bound with..


Our Theme:


(Based from Nehemiah 2:17-19) We feel that God has called Dallas Indian Revival Center to build a new and stronger church. This is a challenge we are ready to meet. We have the faith, strength, and excitement to go forward in what God has called us to do. We invite all to come and to take part in something new, big, and exciting. The Holy Spirit is moving in a great and mighty way in our services. We invite all to come and take part in the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Equipping Native Americans to impact nations with the gospel

DIRC engages in spiritual warfare, helps people find God’s plan for their life, models discipleship, and teaches ministry & administrative skills. DIRC provides the tools that equip people to function in both spiritual and ministry gifts. DIRC’s mission is based on the word of God.